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R-Energy Solutions For Africa's Electrification - Forms Of CSP Technology

Floating Solar Chimney: Except that the chimney (tower) is inflatable rather than a concrete it functions just the same way as solar updraft tower. The body of the floating solar Chimney is made of successive toroidal tubes filled with lighter than air gas such as Helium or Nitrogen. Floating Solar Chimney power plant is also known as Solar Aero-Electric Power Plant (SAEPP) due to its similarity to Hydro-Electric Power plants. Driven by the premise of cost reduction through light chimney structures, Prof. Papageorgiou invented a Floating Solar Chimneys

Technical and financial viability of Floating Solar Chimneys: According to cost estimate report by Floating Solar Chimney Technology Inc., floating solar chimney power Plant with a capacity of 100 MW (300 million KWh annually) with a floating Chimney of 2-3 km height and 50-85 m internal diameter and a solar collector with diameter of 2000m-3000m could cost about 35-70 million Euros. A wind farm of similar capacity 100 MW that produces an average of 250 million KWh annually, would cost about 100 million Euros. Floating Solar Chimney technology is therefore a very interesting option for renewable electricity generation.

SAEPP, equipped with low cost thermal storage facilities, can operate 24 hours/day for 365 days per year, producing a guaranteed Power profile. Thus SAEPP can replace conventional fuel consuming Power Plants.